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White South Africans return home

By Siraaj Cassiem | 4 October 2011

After the fall of apartheid, nearly one million white South Africans left their country to move to Britain, Australia or New Zealand. Now the exodus appears to be reversing. Many are returning home, drawn to the quality of life, a growing economy and political stability.

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VIDEO: Soweto soil on white skin

By Siraaj Cassiem | 9 July 2010

Al Jazeera’s Paul Rhys spends 24 hours in the township of Soweto to gauge the state of race relations since the end of Apartheid in 1994. As the World Cup organisers trumpet unity, a white face in Soweto is still a rare sight. But one Johannesburg white is determined to break down the barriers. Resentment of whites remains, but feelings are by no means clear-cut as acceptance and understanding are found in the most impoverished areas.