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Posted: April 25th, 2012 | By gokoc

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the Theatre in Monte Casino to watch the Phantom of The Opera.

But I experienced one of those really awkward moments when you’re embarrassed to be a certain colour in the smartie box.

It is general theatre etiquette that viewers come to the show with ample time to spare so that everyone can be properly seated before the show begins.

The show began at precisely eight pm. At 20:10 I heard the woman behind me say “oh God, you have to be kidding me”. It was at that point I began my silent prayer to the heavens.

I heard rustling and complaining as people shifted their feet to let the late-comers come through. I was holding my breath- daring not to turn to see what colour the late-comers were.

The next word I heard was “Aplogies” <<<—-insert BEE accent. I died a little inside. And as i turned my head to the left I caught  a glimpse of a curly fro.

I put my head in my hands and I sighed deeply.

But in retrospect; I’m experiencing an awkward moment now about my awkward moment then. Maybe it wasn’t their fault that they were late. Maybe the baby got sick or the tyre had a flat? Or Maybe they paid R250 and were not going to waste that money by not showing up at all to see the performance! Why was I feeling the way I was? And Why do I feel the way I do at times like that?

Who am I trying to impress? Why couldn’t I just feel annoyed that there were late to come to the theatre and not have been overly aware of their colour?


have you had a similar experience? Or am I alone across that line?





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