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That awkward moment when…

By gokoc | 2012-04-25 11:18:04

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the Theatre in Monte Casino to watch the Phantom of The Opera.

But I experienced one of those really awkward moments when you’re embarrassed to be a certain colour in the smartie box.

It is general theatre etiquette that viewers come to the show with ample time to spare so that everyone can be properly seated before the show begins.

The show began at precisely eight pm. At 20:10 I heard the woman behind me say “oh God, you have to be kidding me”. It was at that point I began my silent prayer to the heavens.

I heard rustling and complaining as people shifted their feet to let the late-comers come through. I was holding my breath- daring not to turn to see what colour the late-comers were.

The next word I heard was “Aplogies” <<<—-insert BEE accent. I died a little inside. And as i turned my head to the left I caught  a glimpse of a curly fro.

I put my head in my hands and I sighed deeply.

But in retrospect; I’m experiencing an awkward moment now about my awkward moment then. Maybe it wasn’t their fault that they were late. Maybe the baby got sick or the tyre had a flat? Or Maybe they paid R250 and were not going to waste that money by not showing up at all to see the performance! Why was I feeling the way I was? And Why do I feel the way I do at times like that?

Who am I trying to impress? Why couldn’t I just feel annoyed that there were late to come to the theatre and not have been overly aware of their colour?


have you had a similar experience? Or am I alone across that line?

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Commentators Curse…

By gokoc | 2012-04-25 10:48:24

Mayhap I might have been a bit harsh on the fickle crowd of yester-Monday.

Barcelona should definitely be in panic mode.

The Catalans were kicked out of champs league by a ten men Chelsea at the Nou Camp after John Terry was sent off in the 37th minute.

Torres scored a screamer of a goal in the dying seconds of stoppage time to end the match two all and to make the aggregate Chelsea 3 Barcelona 2.

Messi missed a penalty and failed to find the back of the net though he did come dangerously close a number of times.

All in all it wasn’t the Barcelona we have come to know.

I do take offence when people say that the english game is the best in Europe. I’m not so convinced. I dont see how Chelsea will win against either Bayern or Madrid. Madrid is in stellar form but even they were cut down by the clinical german performance of Bayern.

But the commentators curse is real. We just have to wait and see what tonights game has in store and that the final in May will hold.


Viva le football !




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Unhinged poetry… Ramblings of a young woman part 3

By gokoc | 2012-04-23 15:37:35

And I Don’t even know your name.

But I Know how you died and I know when you died and why.

And I Don’t even know your name.

But I saw the spot where you probably lay when you were flung so high from your bike that you landed with a thud that ended your life.

And I Don’t even know your name.

But I know I feel pain at your parting. What an undignified way to go. What an undignified way to die. You died. You are dead.

And I Don’t even know your name.

And not many people do. But your family does. I know they got that phone call and inside they couldn’t believe it or process it yet it happened and I knew before they did.

And I Don’t even know your name.

But I know the sight of the bits of your bicycle still lay on the grass forgotten. the shards of glass from the car that hit you haven’t all been removed. Some curious passer by will look disinterestedly at it all and walk by where you died.

And I Don’t even know your name.

I feel like a failed you and knew you but i never even saw your face

And I Don’t even know your name.


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How Fickle The Crowd

By gokoc | 2012-04-23 15:19:10

Quick Rant- For those of you who haven’t heard, El Classico yielded a surprise result. Barcelona 1(Alexis) Real Madrid 2 (Ozil and Ronaldo) at the Nou Camp

The media is always on about the greatness of Messi and Barcelona. Two back to back losses and the ever quick sport journalists are writing about the downfall of the team and the player.

All accolades of past games already forgotten. The fact the Leo has scored 41 la liga goals hasn’t even been mentioned. All anyone wants to talk about is the fact that he failed to make a shot on target during the match and managed one shot off target in the 90 mins played.

El Classico— It seems to not matter that in the last 8 matches in 9 meetings Barcelona have violated Real Madrid in the worst ways possible and repeatedly. One bad match and all are boding ill on the team.

Shouldn’t we rather be looking to Pep? Was he so complacent that he didn’t work around his team to try and see what he could do to make sure los blancos would not win? Obviously the special one realized doing the same thing over and over was a recipe for constant defeat and decided to mix it up. I’ve never seen a more calm display by Madrid against their greatest rivals- and they managed to keep all their players on the pitch- what a feat!

But the moral of the story is, every team has a bad game. So do great players. Let us not be so fickle as to count any team out after a bad session of play!





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Why Always Me?- Super Mario madness

By gokoc | 2012-04-03 15:39:13

I hate on Mario Balotelli but truth be told the guy is rather entertaining! That “why always me” shirt was classic. Had me seething for days but at the back of my mind I had to admire the cheekyness.

The man can be a football genius when he wants to but his shenanigans keep him from making any real progress. Just last week in the match against Sunderland our boy Balotelli (ours by virtue of his african-ness) was nearly in an on pitch tussle with his fellow team mate Kolarov over the taking of a free kick. At half-time he nearly went head to head with Yaya Toure.

Even Mancini is getting fed up with his antics and that says a lot. Mancini has always indulged and delighted in Balotellis fancy’s.

‘I don’t like it when he plays like this. Mario has everything to do his job well but he doesn’t understand very well his situation. In a game like this, the striker should be the difference. Not in the last two or three minutes, but before’

Balotelli scored two amazing goals to help his team draw against Sunderland; the bogey team that beat them earlier this season with one goal scored in the dying seconds of added time.

I fancy Balotelli to be a great footballer. I think all the greatest footballers I know have had some crazy and irrationality in them. Take for example, Diego Maradona, certified mad man; Paul Gascoigne- who boozed and took cocaine; George Best and the liquor induced antics included missing practice on numerous occasions and joy riding… there are many and all those many are and were great!

it seems madness is a pre-requisite for greatness in any field…

But Balotelli? Special Boy, Special Genius but he definitely has Special needs!


PS- in my dreams when Man United play Man City, Rooney scores a goal and the rest of the players lift their shirts in celebration. The vests they reveal read “Not Always Yew!” hahahahahaha! I’m done :D



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Sir Alex vs Dimitar Berbatov

By gokoc | 2012-03-26 14:45:15

If you are a Man United fan or a regular English Premier League match watcher then you know who Dimitar Berbatov is; But lemme refresh your memory anyway just in case you have forgotten his recent accolades.

Dimitar Berbatov- the Bulgarian who I fondly call the assassin (the hair, the face, the demeanour)- was the leagues top goal scorer last season along with Tevez-the argentinian mad man who took an illegal 4 month holiday.

This season, Dimitar Berbatov has been eating bench… hard! He has had 11 appearances in all competitions, 8 of them he came on as a sub with 9 goals to his name for this seasons campaign.

Now the big question; what did Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov do to Sir Alex Ferguson that made him SOOOO mad that he refuses to let him play?

Yeah there was that FA Cup final where Dimitar cost the team the game but that was one very bad moment out tof some beautiful ones. After that game, Berba was sent to the mines just like the North Koreans and we didn’t see him for a while. Then came that champions league final where he was left out of the team completely! that was bogus and ludicrous. How do you put super sub javier hernandez over dimi b? It’s just ridiculous and rightly so, United lost to Barca.

What did Berbatov say to Sir Alex to make him so mad? What did he do? Was it the christmas party and berba was like to Sir Alex “Yeah that’s right your momma’s a b****?” Or did he kick him in the nads? or something equally against the bro code that he got cut off?

Sir Alex says that the reason behind berbatov’s recent omissions from the team is that he is gearing towards a more fast paced way of play and berba is not one to run; but quality players don’t need to run they need to know where to place themselves. However, I am very biased. i think Berbatov has been treated very unfairly and personally I would really love to know what the real reason behind this cold shoulder is? Especially when we are trying to defend the title against Man City we should be using all the tools in our Arsenal (see what I did there ;) hehehe 8-2 I’m just saying).


Anyhoo- I would really like to know what other people think about this situation.


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Unhinged Poetry… Ramblings of a young woman part 2

By gokoc | 2012-03-16 12:54:10

I will never call you my Queen yet you reign supreme.

I will never kneel before you yet I’m at the alter of your nation each and every day.

Sleepless restless nights thinking of your greatness

and equally Loathing it.


Queen. Queen Elizabeth. My anger is directed at you.

Bumbling budding native girl I am i do realize that it is not your fault yet it is?


You are not blameless so you must be blame-more

is that not so?

oh how your language confuses me so!


But i cannot resist its power and i cannot resist you.

I walk like you

I talk like you

I eat and think like you knowing fully well I will never be you.


How irksome!

Again I must bring your attention to the fact that I am indeed angry with you.


Will you ever acknowledge me as your subject?

Just so you know- even if you did i would never acknowledge you as my queen.


I am an outcast everywhere,in your kingdom and mine.

Pray, do tell, did your forefathers foresee this?


How I wish to own you as you own me.

How i wish to honour and protect you and hurt you as you hurt me.


Queen oh Queen!



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Unhinged Poetry… Ramblings of a young woman

By gokoc | 2012-03-16 12:34:28
==the things I think… eish. Enjoy==
Revolutionary dread.
A blind black man with dreads that flowed like honey to the small of his back.
A man that many feared, revered, hated and equally loved.
He preached his words by day and brought salvation by night.
“I bring the goodnews my brothers and sisters. Fear not your blackness. The kingdom of God belongs to you black child.”
Heathen. They said.
Heathen! They cried. Tittering quietly to themselves as he passed in the streets.
Savior, others praised; falling to their feet in weeping as he laid healing hands on the sick.
“I’m just passing through” he would say, “blessings be upon you, child of black God.”
Revolutionary dread, his hair so long it flowed, “like Sampson!” the ladies sighed. Awed by his beauty, his peace and his strength.
The elders fought,
“persecute him!”
“on what grounds?”
“he is black!”
“grounds enough…”
“but when?”
“tonight. he feasts with the darkies, his last supper…” and there the plot was concocted.
Black Jesus. Revolutionary dread.  Tried and sentenced and judged. Naked and chained he was dragged into court, dirty, dusty and bedraggled.
Tied to the pillars that held the structure together.
Revolutionary dread, with honey comb hair looked into the heavens and began to hum a hymn.
“Black God will save me with his grace
Black God was kind to show me his face
Black God to whom I will return
Black God to whom I will return”
The pillars trembled and Revolutionary dread whipped his hair and it grew longer. Pushing those pillars down and they began to crumble.
Thousands of men came to try and stop him but revolutionary and his hair held them back. The effort causing drivels of sweat to course down the matted hair of his chest and down his lean form to his hips where they strayed further.
Revolutionary Dread killed them all,
 his last words
“Black God lives on”
Echoed into the future and into the distance.
The dread became a legend; we remember him and his message today. BLACK GOD LIVES ON
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By magubanek | 2012-03-09 11:41:48

“Blackberry needs to come up with a technological ‘wow’ factor”

Khulekani Magubane

Despite challenges Blackberry remains popular in the local smartphone market.

A survey by an Avusa journalist last week showed that Blackberry was the preferred smartphone device by 55% of participants over iPhone, Android and others.

“The phone is cheap and user friendly. It has all the best social network applications. I have one and I love it to bits.” said Terence Hlongwane, a Blackberry owner from Midrand.

RIM’s newCEO, Thorsten Hiens will have his work cut out for him as he takes the lead in the parent company of Blackberry after a difficult year in 2011.

He spoke in Europe, Amsterdam on how Blackberry aimed to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

Blackberry suffered setbacks in the 2011, including an international reception interruption last year, the exit of co-CEOs and releasing a tablet PC without an email application.

Nokia has released the acclaimed Lumia 800, a positive stride in the smartphone market for the Finnish giant.

Chris Moerdyk, marketing analyst says the convenience of the Blackberry product is the secret behind its success in the local market.

“The interesting thing with Blackberry is that it’s more popular inAfricathan in the rest of the world. Emails and pages on the Blackberry are faster than on many other smartphones.” said Moerdyk.

Moerdyk noted the Blackberry was cost effective compared to other smartphones.

“The phone bills one would get from using a Blackberry could easily be half of those from the use of another smartphone.” Moerdyk explained.

This doesn’t mean all is well for Blackberry in the smartphone market. Moerdyk believes that Blackberry’s simplicity may close it off from a niche technology market.

“Two years ago in an airport most people would have Blackberrys. Now schoolchildren are using them and iPhones are in the airports because iPhone is the business phone of choice.” he said.

While Blackberry Messenger remains popular, Blackberry will need to do more to maintain its place as business phone, especially against the Apple iPhone.

“The brilliant thing about Apple is the variety of devices and how they work with each other. The iPhone syncs with the Macbook Pro and other Apple devices as accessories.  Blackberry is a hassle when trying to team it up with Apple products and also cannot be used as a data modem.

“Smartphone consumers now need a phone that can communicate with other devices and Apple offers just that. Blackberry needs to come up with a technological ‘wow’ factor aside from the handheld device on its own.” said Moerdyk.

Although all eyes are on Blackberry, Moerdyk warns this is no reason for Apple to get complacent.

“Nokia has just released a smartphone that techno journalists are raving about. Samsung and Nokia are now beginning to be spoken of in the same way as iPhone.

“Apple is actually under the most pressure to maintain the lead in innovation and market dominance. The fact that most Apple users refer their device problems to online forums created by clients rather than the Apple website says a lot about their regard for the client’s voice.” he said.

Blackberry handsets are purchased in high numbers from cell phone network stores inSouth Africa.

Nomsa Thusi, Executive Head of Corporate Communications at Vodacom says that Vodacom has over 1.9 million Blackberry devices on its network.

Blackberry is Cell C’s biggest seller in the smartphone market. Other phones like Nokia, iPhone and Samsung are also gaining momentum as smartphones. Regan Mdluli a store manager at Cell C said no corporate challenge will change the demand for a good product.

“Customers want convenience. The Blackberry meets users’ needs and that is why it’s so popular.” Mdluli explained.

Techno-fundis can expect the smartphone wars to heat up in 2012 with the release of Blackberry 2.0 later in this year, the iPhone 4s released in December of 2011, and Nokia’s newly released Microsoft supported Lumina 800.


Fact box:

How Cell Phones Work: How Signals Go Bad:
Above  is a basic gsm/cell phone structure, and how it works:

  • A cell phone (mobile station), has a transmitter inside, used when making calls, and receiver, used when receiving calls.
  • The transmitter sends a signal to the Antenna system/mast.
  • Antenna system boost the signal and move the signal into the radio base station
  • Radio Base Station (RBS) is made of frequencies and channels (voice and data).
  • After RBS finding a frequency and channel for the signal, it then moves it to the Base Station Controller (BSC).
  • BSCwhich is located in Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) is responsible to route the signal to the intended recipient of the call.
  • The path works both ways, meaning when receiving the call the signal travels the same way but in the opposite direction.
The cell phone signal can be interrupted by many factors. Below are the common ones:

  • Congestion- when there are not enough frequencies and channels to carry traffic in the RBS/lack of radio capacity.
  • Radio Interference- When the adjacent RBS are allocated same frequencies, so the signals cancel each other and when there is spillage of frequencies.
  • Missing Neighbours- this is configuration problem, whereby the engineer didn’t plan the RBS properly.
  • Missing Handovers- this is a configuration problem, whereby there are no enough sites to support the signal in motion.


Sourced from Paseka Maleka of ICASA

How BB Works:

  • When sending a message by BBM, it goes to the internet cloud.
  • From the internet it goes to the BB Enterprise server and proceeds to the intended recipient.
  • The above happens in matter of seconds.

Sourced from Paseka Maleka of ICASA

  • Solar flares can also cause interruptions in cell phone operations
  • A solar flare is the expulsion of high energy particles from the surface of the sun in the form of a cloud of plasma comprising mostly ionized hydrogen.
  • During the solar flare the sun also emits radio signals in the cell phone band which can increase the radio noise on radio receivers like cell phones, disturbing the signal.
  • These flares and other space phenomena can be seen through a special solar telescope, and also telescopes on satellites which are equipped with X-ray and infrared filters. Flares cause aurora, beautiful lights that appear in the sky when energized particles from the sun transfer their energy to atmospheric gases near the Earth’s poles.


[Sourced from Dr. Pierre Cilliers of SANSA Space Science Directoriate]


Who’s the Smarty Pants Now: A poll done in Johannesburgasking participants which smartphone is best:

iPhone- 20%

Blackberry- 55%

Samsung Galaxy- 15%

Other- 10%

The nanny diary

By A Scribbler | 2012-02-01 09:47:32

Guest post by Naledi Hlefane

My prodigal sister has finally returned home after a five-year departure. Perhaps “prodigal” is a strong word. Some petty quarrel, surrounding the birth of her little girl, between her and family elders led to our unfortunate separation.

She brought along her five-year-old daughter whom we’d not seen since birth.

My siblings were elated, mostly by the roles of aunts and uncles they were to formally assume. I was equally enthused but my affection for children is short-lived.

For one, I am pathetic with toddlers and the closest I ever get to baby talk is: “helloow you cutey cutey. What’s your name? Huh? What’s your name?” I then smile and blink a few times in a desperate attempt to make the baby laugh. With those aged three to six I despise the nose-picking, the nagging, perpetual wailing and the one million questions.

I was perplexed when my niece took a great liking to me, insisting on sharing a bed with me instead of her mom and imitating some of my habits. What a sweet little thing she is, I mused. But with all living things on earth, true colours are revealed, eventually. So was the case with my niece.

As it turned out, she has quite a loose tongue. She takes any tone with anyone- child or adult. She doesn’t take disciplinary action too good either, even from her mom. And she would cry till the second coming if she could.

By the third week of her stay I had decided: I’m not having children. EVER! When her mother asked me to babysit her daughter “for just a week”, because of an urgent course she needed to attend, I nearly threw myself out of the window. I would do one of two things during that week: commit suicide or homicide. I obliged nonetheless.

On the first day, an extremely hot Sunday, my niece was tiresome, constantly asking for food. The next two days were fine, except for the 21 questions. She was either terrified or bored for she kept asking how much longer it would be “till mom returned?”

I took her to the mall the next day, to change the routine a bit. Our day was bliss. We were the cynosure of the day, mother and daughter, or so many thought. It shocked me at first but the idea of playing mom for the day gradually grew on me. I lost count of the compliments she got for her “cute” ensemble. I gave a nod for each one taking credit as the stylist.

The following day at the mall was no different, in the spotlight as usual. She was enjoying her pizza when her mom called to announce that she was on her way home. My niece was ecstatic.

I was practically non-existent with her mom back. I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. Was I not the one who had combed her hair gently, the one who cooked noodles at her request? Did I not warn her against using the Lord’s name in vain, teaching her to use “Oh my gosh” as opposed to “Oh my God”?

I mean I had done a practically good job in the few days of being her guardian. I was pleased with my patience and astonished by my nurturing demeanor. There were countless times when she infuriated me so much I should’ve had the upper hand, but I hadn’t. Strangely, I had contemplated having a family of my own in the future. To be given a cold shoulder after this was disheartening.

But as I sat in despair her old habit of wailing kicked back in and at that moment my own child-intolerant ways returned. I was again reminded of why I don’t want to bear children.

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