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Posted: March 3rd, 2009 | By Simon


If the Book Lounge, in Cape Town, isn’t the best book shop in South Africa (new books division) I’d like to know what is. The shop is welcoming and lively, the titles are intelligently selected, they serve good coffee and the assistants will laugh at your feeble jokes. Sometimes there’s wine.

And they turn out to be more than reasonably priced. I bought a book from the el cheapo Penguin Popular Classics range. The price printed on the cover is £2. I paid R32. At Exclusive Books they are over R100.

In addition to being soulless and perfunctory, major chains ruthlessly undercut the competition. Exclusive don’t really have competition, so they only get the first bit right.

The Book Lounge is on the corner of Roeland and Buitenkant, Cape Town

(Picture: Eifion)

- s

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