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Posted: January 5th, 2009 | By Aspasia Karras


If the maturity of a civilization can be measured by how many of its amenities might feature in Wallpaper – and why not? – then Cape Town will soon be asking for its pipe and slippers. A nice example is Loading Bay in De Waterkant, where you can drink good coffee and buy nice clothes behind oversized panes of glass. I was especially taken with their gorgeous Scotch & Soda checked shirts.

They were overpriced, even taking the exchange rate into account, but the saleswoman was so effective I was quickly convinced of the necessity of buying one. The spell was broken when she laughed off my request to see the cheaper Brandy & Coke label.

The more cost-conscious should go to Jay Jays. Their checks are half as good, but a tenth of the price.

(Picture: one 96 five)

- simon

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