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Posted: May 22nd, 2012 | By Jackie May

I sent Zanele Muholi an SMS today, perhaps she didn’t get it. Perhaps she found it insensitive. I would have. I wouldn’t have responded either. Zanele is a photographer who has been photographing gays and lesbians and who in her own words (New Yorker) has embarked “on a journey of visual activism to insure that there is black queer visibility.”
I asked her today (22 May) via sms if she’d like to comment on the national reaction to Brett Murray’s painting of Zuma, The Spear. Perhaps in relation to her theft, I said.
Actually, what a cheek, this woman is a victim of what could be a targeted attack last month, in which her hard drives were stolen. Hard drives containing all her work over the last 5 years, reports the New Yorker. Work that has sensitively portrayed people who are under constant threat of attack or corrective rape as it is known, and marginalization.
Instead of writing a story about Zanele’s own experience, I’ve asked her to comment on someone else’s work.
I wouldn’t have responded to an sms request like mine either.





May 22, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Had not heard of Zanele prior to your article Jackie.. But doubt your request would be considered cheeky. Would much rather read her views on the Spear of South Africa than her theft in any case!

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