Minor Matters

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Posted: November 4th, 2010 | By Jackie May

cult of less

Generation Zero, that’s our youth – they are high-tech, mobile and getting rid of their possessions. Yes, ‘sushi’ lovers. This now is the “radical world of Generation Zero”. The Times of London this week featured Jessican Dang who writes the blog Minimal Student. A guide, she says ” for aspiring minimalists at university or college to find a healthier and happier life through simplicity and Zen”.

Of the Generation Zero she said, “My wardrobe is about a quarter the size of most of my friends’. I only have one pair of each type of shoe… one pair of trainers, one pair of heels… I think you can bend the rules with socks though. They count as one.”

And she has managed to cut back her possessions to 100. A product of the recession. Or just wise.



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