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Posted: February 15th, 2009 | By Jackie May


Looking a little stressed and preoccupied Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated Valentine’s day in their hometown Chicago. They are spending a long weekend at home: their first, but well-deserved, break since Obama was sworn in as President. His next official engagement is scheduled for Tuesday.

On Saturday night the couple went to an upscale restaurant Saturday in their hometown. The Huffington Post reports that they left ‘their Hyde Park home on Chicago’s south side Saturday evening for a quiet dinner at Table 52, a restaurant owned by Oprah Winfrey’s former chef, Art Smith. The menu features traditional Southern fare such as grits and sausage and catfish jambalaya.’

Obama’s break came after his first big victory in Congress on Friday when his $787 billion economic stimulus bill was passed. “A major milestone on our road to recovery”, he said.

Officials said he would sign the measure on Tuesday in Denver.

PS: Read Frank Rich’s column.  He says: ” Just as in the presidential campaign, Obama has once again outwitted the punditocracy and the opposition. The same crowd that said he was a wimpy hope-monger who could never beat Hillary or get white votes was played for fools again.”





February 15, 2009 at 10:15 pm

this is a ridiculous post. You take one frame 1 nanosecond of time out of them walking out a restaurant and decide they were a little “stressed”? Did you look a the entire clip of them walking out? Michelle was on the phone for a couple seconds, maybe the call was a little serious. Anyway after she hung, the two of them were smiling and laughing, probably at whatever the call was about. Stop looking for negativity, you’ll find it in anything if that’s what you want to see. Look at this shot-they look relaxed and happy:http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/.....422018.jpg



February 16, 2009 at 11:49 am

who needs stimulus? we need vacation. forget America and the economy, we’ll spend a fortune on a wasteful trip to Chicago because even the White House is not good enough for us on Valentines Day.




February 16, 2009 at 3:23 pm

Oh shut “mjB”!

Going home to Chicago for a weekend isn’t exactly a “vacation”! Goodness you hate filled and awful people never stop do you?

Let the first couple have a well deserved weekend off – Afterall he’s done more in his 3 weeks than your previous president pulled off in 8 years!



February 16, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Cindy said, “Goodness you hate filled and awful people never stop do you?”

And, I agree with you, Cindy. And, along the same lines, I am amazed that these Bushies can stand at a microphone, or any public forum and complain about spending money with a straight face…one of them even said something about being guardians of our our financial state.

They certainly don’t lack “chutzpah”, which is normally a bit admirable…but not with them…because it’s all lies and stonewalling.

They believe and teach their young to never admit an error, never try to correct what you did wrong…just ignore your errors and sins. And now they pretend to care about the economy — afer running amok for 8 years.

Do you think they ever think about their children and grandchildren who will be paying back the debt from this horrendus financial mess?



February 16, 2009 at 10:52 pm

Yeah, let’s the FIRST COUPLE take a “well deserved” rest….haha! He’s been so busy, what, with the “saving or creating” 3.5 million jobs.

How about this—how about all of you people that want his $900billion stimulus–how about you people pay for it? How about the people that want to spend $170million for his inaguration pay for it? How about all the people that want to let him spend $68,000 an hour while he plays basketball, hangs out with his homies, and pals around corrupt Chicago pay for it?

for the record I am not a “bushie” nor did I agree with many of the policies of the last 8 years. Apparently seeing the flaws of the current fool in office means you HAD TO support the last moron. Okay, if you say so.

I will have no Lobbyists= Lobbyists Front and Center
America Must Sacrifice= I will spend money like a drunken sailor on personal vacations (3 so far, 1 including the Democratic Congressional Caucus)
Wall Street Is Irresponsible= I will do exactly what I complain about them for

This thief Obama is just getting warmed up.
Oh yeah, he has accomplished more in his first 100 days than Bush. Right. If by stealing 2Trillion dollars from people is an accomplishment, then he is well on his way.

Lets save The Unions, lets prop up failing companies with tax dollars, lets knee jerk foreign policy based on wanted to hug instead of bomb….

Obama is a fool who is a day late, a dollar short, and an idea away from genius.



February 17, 2009 at 1:21 am

Congress chastised and make mockery of the automotive executives for flying to Washington in their corporate jets that cost $2,000 per hour. They believed their trip was important. Congress said to the exeutives, “Do you get it?”.

Our economy is in a death spiral. The global climate is at a tipping point. Food Banks are turning away people due to lack of funds. We’re losing 20,000 jobs per day. Two thousand homes are being foreclosed per day. Americans are fearful, disappointed, and have less faith in government.

I applaude you, Mr. President for your hard work. You deserve a break. I still believe you’re the best man for the job.

Seeing some friends, playing a little basketball, and taking your beautiful wife out to dinner will probably cost the government close to million dollars, if not more.

Should non-government, domestic travel be on the world’s largest private jet? It consumes 22,000 lbs. of fuel per hour and has a direct operating cost of $30,000 per hour while dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. But that’s small compared to the support for your trip.

Air Force One 747 does not fly alone. Three C5A super-giant cargo planes ferry the limo, helicopters and other assorted vehicles. The C5 Galaxy is the largest cargo plane in the world. It has a payload of 260,000 pounds. It is the most fuel consuming aircraft in the world and the most polluting.

Yes, Mr. President, Air Force One is “Spiffy”, but is it possible that you could choose a less expensive mode of transportation for non-essential travel? Or take the C5 ‘s out of the equation? Maybe you can ship your vehicles by truck or rail instead of on Air Force planes. Maybe you could reserve the 747 for international flights and make due with a 727 or smaller jet for domestic flights. Americans would appreciate the gesture. It would send the message that you’re really concerned about their welfare and that “You get It”.

Or maybe, even better, think twice about taking non-essential trips. Invite some of your friends to the White House for a BBQ, pinata, or a luau party. Shoot some hoops at a nearby school. Invite your favorite chef to the White House to whip up something. Maybe Sam Choy would like to prepare some of his famous Hawaiian Spam dishes. Yes, you know what I mean. I hiked Tantalus Dr. I lived in Honolulu a few blocks from where you went to High School.

Your trip could have kept ? homes out of foreclosure. How many of the newly homeless families could you have provided food and shelter for? How many college educations would your trip have financed? How many jobs could have been created? How much in medical treatments and medicine to families that lost insurance. Lives saved?

Are you “Getting it”? Mr. President.

The world is watching. Please send the right messages. Ask yourself; What would Abe do?

I wish you all the best. Thanks for listening…

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