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Posted: February 1st, 2010 | By Ray Hartley


The African National Congress (ANC) would like to set records straight that the matter between the ANC President and his personal relationship with anyone remains a personal matter. We respond to this matter in order to clarify our stance in response to media reports especially those emanating from political commentators on this matter.

Our view is that the matter between any two consenting adults remains their own personal affair, not in the interest of anyone. That goes for some individuals and some media institutions. For the record, President Zuma has gone on record sharing his believe in polygamy and has demonstrated his responsibilities and his responsiveness that comes with any of the relationships.

As the ANC, we have always made a distinction between people’s personal affairs and their public responsibilities. In so far as we are concerned, the alleged relationship of the President and anyone should be treated as such.

We do not see the correlation between the ANC policies on HIV and AIDS and the President personal relationships. As the ANC, we welcomed the progressive policy shift on HIV/AIDS as articulated on the 1st December 2009 by President to mark World Aids Day. Not only does the policy change portray the ANC-led Government as caring but it demonstrates its commitment to effectively fight the pandemic.

The President proposed concrete steps to be undertaken by the Government, which come into effect on April 2010 to fight the pandemic. As the ANC we particularly welcome the fact that:
• All children under one year of age will get treatment if they test positive, not determined by the level of CD cells. This will contribute significantly towards the reduction of infant mortality over time.
• All patients with both TB and HIV will get treatment with anti-retrovirals if their CD4 count is 350 or less.
• TB and HIV/Aids will now be treated under one roof.
• All pregnant HIV positive women with a CD4 count of 350 or with symptoms regardless of CD4 count will have access to treatment.

We believe that this will go a long way to decrease the deaths of pregnant women who are HIV positive and protect unborn babies.

Why should a relationship between two adults be made an issue? Why should it make headlines? Why is it characterised by some media as a “Shame to the nation”.

We are of the view that the media and some political commentators are making a mountain out of nothing. We are not sure what their motives are, but we are confident that time will tell.

This unjustified attack to the President is disingenuous. There is nothing wrong that the President had done. There is nothing “shameful” when two adults have a relationship. How does a relationship between two adults become “shameful” to the people? Such headlines are alarmist and create unnecessary tensions and confusion. By being involved with any other person, President Zuma is not guilty of any offence and he has not bridged our constitution or any of our laws.

Issued by;
Jackson Mthembu
ANC National Spokesperson





February 1, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Thanks Jackson. You’ve confirmed the view we have of just how backward and lacking in morals you lot really are.

An aside. I love how you start out with an attempt to be all formal and civilised but soon let passion overtake and deteriorate into a good old whinge. Clown.



February 1, 2010 at 6:05 pm


Jacob Zuma has defended his polygamist lifestyle by saying that he’d rather have many wifes than have affairs. Please explain why he felt the urge if he has more than one wife at home? How do his current wifes and children they feel about this? Do they have any say in the matter?

What message does this send to the masses – to have many wifes and lots of children is OK? How about that it is OK to sleep around even if you have many wifes and many children.

Many politicians have had affairs, and they all paid for it in the end, because you simply cannot have a wild cannon running a country.

Jacob Zuma is obviously not capable of running this country – the question is – who is making the real decisions?



February 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm


The current leadership of the ANC should not make the same mistake that the Mbeki’s administration did- being argumentative when the nation asked for government leadership on HIV/AIDS.

Lack of leadership and government’s conflicting messages are today considered as the downfall of Mbeki’s administration with regards to the fight against HIV/AIDS. This is depite the fact that well-documented government’s policies and programs on AIDS. It does not matter that these policies were initiated under the Mbeki regime, he is not credited for these programmes his administration failed to effectively manage negative public perception of Mbeki’s view in this regard.

Zuma has inherited the accolades of work done by his predecessor as it is too early for him to have come up with a comprehensive policy strategy in a short time that he has been running the country.

If it is the public’s perception that Zuma is not the best person to lead the fight against AIDS, it will be immaterial what government’s policies are. People will continue to crucify him because of his actions.

The issue here is not whether Zuma slept with a consenting adult, that was not the issue at his rape trial , in the final analysis the Judege crucified him for his lack of judgement ( having a sexual relationship with someone who was young enough to be one of Zuma’s daughter), Zuma later admitted that he exercised poor judgement by having unprotected ***.

As a nation it is important that our President shows ability to exercise good judgement all the time. We want to be associated with his thinking, actions and verbal communication. We do not have time to read tons of regulations, bills and acts of Paliarment, we want someone we can trust to communicate to us the government stands for.

In this regard, as Holy Bible says, ” you shall know them by their fruits” – actions speaks louder than words Mr President.

From now on, it will be difficult for you to go to schools and preach abstinence, and encourage young people to protect themselves. They will look at you and think, you do not practice what you preach. Again, this will render well espoused government policies ineffective.

Manage public’s perception about youselve sir. We do want to respect you as a leader, but you are failing us. It will be a shame if we as a nation cannot trust your judgement.


Larry Goodfella

February 1, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Not shameful? How about outright disgusting.

Zuma will drag himself down and the ANC will come tumbling after.


Larry Goodfella

February 1, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Below is a full sentence quoted from above. There is no mistake in the context. As follows:

“As the ANC, we have always made a distinction between people’s personal affairs and their public responsibilities.”

My question is – does this apply to his personal relationship with Shabir Shaik.

I just listened to Malema on eTV news saying that Zuma is his father. WTF



February 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Jackson Mthembu (spin doc for the ANC) and author of this press release is himself a Christian with ONE wife – and all of six children from THE SAME WIFE. I’m sure he’s thinking one thing and writing another. No Christian with a good conscience can condone Mr Zuma’s lifestyle. The ANC can spin this story until the cows come home, the fact remains, Mr Zuma’s actions project an image of promiscuity and wrecklessness … and this is supposed to be the exemplary leader of a country. He should be above reproach. It is impossible for me to accept this kind of behavior from one of SA’s most important roleplayers. And to think this man once headed up the Moral Regeneration Committee. How misguided is that?



February 1, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Interesting for a leader who wishes to lead by example
There is a huge difference between polygamy and adultery – kindly do not drag any caring society to accept adultery
Kindly add “HIV psitive men having pregnanting those infected mothers to receive ARV’s with CD$’s below 350, lest they perpetuate the inevitable, or die before enjoying life with the innocent children they sick to bring to earth irrespective of the circumstances
Surely galloping into a world of orphans, don’t we?



February 2, 2010 at 12:05 am

And Malema has also confessed Zuma is his father! That makes 21 .. go jayzee go, our very own sugar daddy love machine … wonder if he’s taking performance enhancing drugs .. what a dwis



February 2, 2010 at 7:35 am

i supported this guy during his rape and corruption trials not because i liked the guy but because i have a great respect for organisation that liberated us. now, if the same organisation is going to protect the stupidity, recklessness, ignorance of the same person who is obviously exposing the organisation, making it vulnarably to the opposition. EVEN THE STRONGEST SUPPOTER CAN TAKE SO MUCH.



February 2, 2010 at 8:19 am

How would zuma feel if i fathered a child with one of his current wives. Polygamy ?.



February 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

Wow. As an outsider looking in, it brings me great pain to see such a wonderful country, with so much potential, in such shambles. I’m sorry, but if you’re the president of the country, you’re going to be in the spotlight. It’s part of the deal. And this is the year 2010. Polygamy is not part of the deal. Either go back to your ancient tribal roots or embrace the present day & it regulations. Clinton suffered for one interlude. Zuma behaves like a flat out hormonal teenager & you expect to sweep it under the carpet & say it’s none of your business???!!! Hull-oh!!!! It’s such a crying shame the stronghold the ANC has over the black community. If only they could see the light that it’s far more beneficial for them to choose intelligence & results over, well, you know. You can’t pick the same thing time after time & expect a different result. You want change? You want things to improve? MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE!!!! If only all the folks in the townships could have access to these discussions & news reports. Oh the places they’d go! Good luck SA & here’s a prayer for things to improve…


Andrew Debeer

February 2, 2010 at 10:22 am

I am a believer in the preservation of culture and hence polygamy. However our honourable presidents act of adultry cannot be categorised as being that of culture. Our presidents “*** scandals” will never ever be private, look what happened with Bill Clinton. In so far as a scandal exists which involves the first cicizen of the republic we can never brush it up under the carpet and say well culture allows it.

The funny thing is we can’t do anything about it, but thats not to say we can’t voice our concern over the presidents moral character as he his moral track record has not been squeeky clean over the past two years.

However this I beieve has no hinderence on the ANC governing properly. I do believe that the president should admit that what he did was wrong and apologise just like Clinton di(eventually) in order to keep the faith the south african public has in him and his government. It is utter nonsence to say that this is a private matter, utter nonsence!!!


Zodwa Mbuli

February 2, 2010 at 12:05 pm

As much as I love my party, this is not very good for the organization.
1. What example is set to the youth
2. Why is culture associated with stupidity and greed
3. The lady that filed a rape charge against Mr. Zuma was a family friend as well
4. As much as this is not our business, this is a bad example Mr. President
Should ANC loose more provinces and eventually all the power, you are to blame.


Larry Goodfella

February 2, 2010 at 3:02 pm

Thanks Zodwa for coming around. Only YOU can do something about this shambolic state of affairs.

Good point 3. Only a family friend who has been violated and humiliated by rape would go to the extent of laying charges with the police. Zuma may have been found guilty by a court of law, but this does not preclude that the court has not erred.
This new ‘affair’ just makes him even more guilty.

What about all the other affairs where the woman involved did not fall pregnant?

Why not wear a condom – is he too presidential to waste his excellency’s seed? If Manto can send her VIP guards to buy lemons for her GnT’s while in hospital, surely Zuma can get his son Jujuboy to pop down to the seven11 for a box of Loverboy’s.

Can we please have Kgalema Mothlanthe back. Even I will give my vote to the ANC if they can fix this terrible wrong.

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