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Posted: October 16th, 2013 | By GabiVille

Gabiville is the new #CitroenC3Madame for the week. PICTURE: Ryan Shub/ Citroen

Gabiville is the new #CitroenC3Madame for the week. PICTURE: Ryan Shub/ Citroen

IMAGINE the joy of a single mother with a dirty old car – when I get a call from Ryan Shub last month telling me I have been chosen to test drive a gorgeous brand new car from Citroen South Africa.

My reaction was immediately, “Why Me?” but of course I didn’t tell Mr Shub that directly but let him explain the process:

“Essentially, Citroen released their new C3 a couple of months ago. It’s a super efficient, sexy little number that really knows how to get more out of life! So to launch this little beauty, we approached a couple of ladies – like yourself – who too have mastered the art of getting more out of life! Each lady is given the C3 for a week, and while the C3 shares its secrets of efficiency, all we asked was that our bloggers shared there’s with the world. :) ” wrote social media strategist Ryan Shub.


And he called the whole concept “Citroen C3 Madame”.

And here I am now, sitting reading about this new baby Citroen C3 that in it’s previous life sold almost three million since the model’s introduction in 2002, which has constantly re-styled and re-invented its core hatchback to keep it fresh in the face of mounting competition. The 3.94m long and 1.71m wide car has a 10.8m turning circle and 300-litre boot. Let me not bore you with the jargon, that I too am no expert of. All I can say is that from first sight the navy/purple car presents itself as just a beautiful little ride but the interior that has an RD4 MP3 audio system, Bluetooth hands-free kit, jack plug and USB socket, and eMyWay navigation – to me that proves that it shall be a pleasure to drive.





October 16, 2013 at 1:03 pm

you are proper owning it right now. you deserve the car

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